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The leading independent body that offers specialised training & development to enhance business growth through digitalization and e-commerce.



An independent body focused on growing digitalization, e-commerce, training & development, communications and self-publishing in Zimbabwe to match global standards. Scribehouse partners with local and international players to achieve growth through digitalization



At ScribeHouse we are client-focused, creating e-retail solutions that deliver tangible business results, we help brands create customer-centric engaging digital commerce experiences.

We create e-commerce solutions that will help you sell better. Our e-commerce developers can build a custom solution specifically tailored to help entice customers within your industry or vertical.  

Communication Consultancy

Whether you are developing a brand for launch, building your annual brand plan or reviewing your current strategy in light of new external threat or market change, our customer centric brand building approach is focused on helping you to identify what you need to do to positively impact your brand and business performance. Our engaging workshop led approach to helping you defend your brand(s) against the ever evolving competitive threats goes beyond the traditional CI, data-led war gaming approach. It is specifically designed to put your customer and potential customer at the heart of the process


We are digital marketing and social media expects helping businesses achieve their social media marketing goals through a range of techniques across multiple channels..

Social Media

At Scribehouse we are experts in helping businesses achieve their social media marketing goals through a range of techniques across multiple channels.

Our one-off sessions, on-going consultancy as well as large group presentations are all catered for by our specialist consultancy department. 

Our social media consultants research your company, its sector, competitors and the target audience to ensure everything you learn will have maximum benefit to your business. 
With the experience, on the ground, of managing social media campaigns and training others to succeed, we’re excellently placed to help you win in the market. 
Scribehouse is proud to have worked with some leading brands, giving them better understanding and control of social media.


Scribehouse is the leading provider of self - publishing services for authors. Our service offering and products are tailor made with expertise for you to realise your publishing dreams. For more information on how to start your publishing journey.

Publishing Packages

ScribeHouse offers publishing packages and services to suit every author's needs. Maintain total creative control of your book from editing to proofreading to cover design and page layout, from distribution and royalties to marketing and bookselling. Our packages include: black and white, full color, hardback , paperback and all digital formats.
Ours is not just a job but a calling, we have been raised to maximise your potential. 


Black & White

This has been the classic means of publication for centuries and is perfect for books that are mostly text, black and white photographs or line drawings


Full Color

Our full color packages are for authors who want their pictures and illustrations to share centre stage with their prose. We make your book a feast for your readers' eyes as well as their minds


Included in all our core packages:

Image insertionsupto 40upto 60upto 80upto 120
Cover & interior customizationyesyesyesyes
Electronic proofs of your booksyesyesyesyes
Paperback publishingyesyesyesyes
Digital formatting and distribution (e-book)yesyesyesyes
One-on-one author supportyesyesyesyes
Interior revisions - one block of 50yesyesyesyes
Paperback copies351020

Training & Development Consultants

The most important asset to be invested in at any organisation are the people that make it run. ScribeHouse has the different packages that can help businesses and employees improve their performance.  Below are some of the areas in training and development we offer:

When trying to develop your human capital, there are at least two things you must ensure: that knowledge is being transferred to your employees, and that your employees are actually motivated to learn them. Without these two components, your time, money, and efforts spent into the development will be in vain.
Knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies can be learnt if they are administered correctly to a specific person. Not all people learn the same way, so you can’t expect to get the same result from everyone if you give them all the same training. Evaluating your trainees’ thinking structure and learning mode will ensure that your training efforts are optimized.

As for motivation, I think we can all agree that the more motivated you are to learn, the more likely is it for you to acquire the information and reflect it in your behavior. For this reason, it is important to assess your trainees’ motivation, and determine what it is that drives them.

Grooming and good business etiquette is a must for every executive in today's global environment. This explores cultural norms, communication skills and country specific etiquette rules.  Let us take you through the whole process and you will not regret it.

This covers workplace behaviour, networking, business dining skills and dress code. Our workshops and seminars are fast-paced, informative and relaxed. Depending on the needs of the participants, we can tailor the program to suit your needs.

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